Powell Laster

Senior Director of Emergency Services

Powell Laster has provided safety and security contract services for IRONGATE Services since 2004 and is currently Senior Director of Security and Emergency Services. He implements IRONGATE's commitment to safety and security of guests and staff, brand image protection, facility and asset protection, and oversight of security, fire and emergency medical teams at IRONGATE's Montana location.

Powell offers a rare blend of law enforcement, investigation, safety and security experience, combined with a solid background in marketing and hospitality. This provides him with a thorough understanding of IRONGATE's objectives as it serves the safety and security needs of its clients during marketing events.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Powell gained valuable experience working for a prominent marketing research firm in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1993, he began his career in law enforcement with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and later became a Special Commissioned Officer with the Alaska State Troopers. In both of those positions, he was directly involved in complex organized crime and drug investigative matters.

Powell then brought his combined experience to the private sector as a Corporate Investigator, later advancing into the management and operations of a high-end guest ranch in Montana. Powell is a specialist in large resort operations and has created and managed safety and security training for a range of major hotels and resorts.